Our Horses


Snowy: More than our mascot, he stands 10 2 hh (107cm) and is a cremello. He has the cutest blue eyes and he loves children. He jumps like a stag and just loves to go trail-riding.

Moki: A gallant steed, he is 13 3 hh (140cm) and is a grey pinto pony with a heart of gold. He has done it all, and he knows the ropes. He is suitable for all levels of rider and most sizes. He is very sure-footed and is brilliant with children. He is a great confidence builder, yet he can be a challenge for those who want one.

Roxy: A flea-bitten 16.1 hh (160cm) grey with a superb nature, he is widely experienced and loves to please in whatever is asked of him… dressage, show-jumping and just loves cross-country rides.

Nova: A handsome 15 2 hh (157cm) thoroughbred chestnut gelding with unlimited potential, he loves to show-jump and is a very capable dressage mount. He is brilliant for the nervous rider because he instils confidence as the rider mounts… we have had a 76-year-old rider on him who had not ridden for more than 35 years.

Jimmy: Another great all-rounder and a very safe horse, he is a weight-carrier at over 17 hh (173cm). He is an ageless Clydesdale cross Warm Blood and has the most wonderful trot. His canter has the feel of a rocking chair. He loves the occasional jump and best of all, he enjoys being driven.
Bonnie: Bonnie is a pure bred bay New Forest pony (13.2 hands) who joined us in 2010. Bonnie travelled up from Peterborough in South Australia. she is owned by Carol and Graham Mercer who have generously lent her to us. She is a ride and drive pony who is a delight to work with. All the kids love this special pony.

Tina & Tammy: These 2 beautiful chestnut section B Welsh Ponies are 13.2 hands. They are full sisters and can be driven as a pair. The only way tp tol these two apoart is that Tina has 3 white socks and Tammy has 4 white socks.

Angel: Is anything you want her to be! she is a cob-X with a generous personality. she looks after the most timid of young riders.

Honey: Is an Australian Riding Pony given to us by Libby Sonter, she is cute as a button and willing to please. She is the perfect size for tiny-tots that just can’t wait to get on a pony.

Spirit: The name says it all! Spirit is as cheeky as they come, but the best all rounder for the kids that want to learn anything and everything! He loves to jump and will do anything for a carrot!

Peter (Pete-pops): Is a Welsh Section B pony who stands at 12.2 hh. Pete is a sensitive old school master who is just as happy being riden as he is being driven. He really is a jack of all trades who always performs at his best and compiments the rider or driver.