Equestrian Jewelry

Many people have a close relationship with horses and find many ways to express this. Equestrians and horse enthusiasts have many ways of expressing their love of horses, through home décor and accessories, clothing and of course jewelry.

The horse’s elegance and grace, it stature and gait, the sheer beauty of its form make it an ideal candidate for decorative items such as jewelry and is the reason why many jewelers have horse designs in their collections. These pieces vary from small trinkets to diamond studded pendants and can match any wardrobe and are worn to any occasion.


Horse jewelry can be made of a number of precious metals silver, gold, white gold and platinum. Some are pure metal whilst others include precious stones and gems including diamonds, pearls, sapphires and rubies. Other less costly components may include beads and semi precious stones.

Equine jewelry can come in many different forms, the most common being a necklace, the horse design being incorporated into the pendant. Some show a horse in trot or more commonly display a horses head or Equus design. Sometime the head may have a round or square frame which can be plain or studded. Other popular designs are equestrian equipment, horse shoes, stirrup, crop and boot, dressage horse, saddle, hoof pick, golden boot, blue ribbon to name a few. Charms are also popular and cover a variety of horse related designs. Love heart pendants with horse designs are also sometimes used as pendants. Chains for equine necklaces can be cable or plain.

Another popular item of equine jewelry is the bracelet. These often consist of a number of equine charms to embellish a plain chain. Clip on charms allow you to add and remove charms to suit you mood and mix and match to taste. Some popular charm designs include hearts, horse, horse shoes, boot jack, paddock boot, blue ribbon and dressage hats. The chain can also have a number of designs or be plain. Equine watches are also a nice twist on the equine bracelet.

Earrings though not as common are also popular items of equine jewelry. Designs are similar to necklace pendants and matching necklace and earring sets are commonly sold. Earrings can be small studs and bigger dangling ones. Like necklace pendants popular earrings designs include horse shoe and stirrups.

Equine rings are also available. Designs include double horse heads as well as many other equine designs. Rings are one of the few pieces of equine jewelry that can be worn by both men and women. This fact means that they make ideal his and hers gifts for horse loving couples for special event engagements and wedding and anniversary’s.

You can find broaches, barrettes, pins and cufflinks available in horse designs. Whilst some may not consider these jewelry, they are often included in this category as they have the same use, are made from the same materials and the cost. Popular examples include square horse design cufflinks, gold equestrian broaches and diamond studded silver barrettes. Pins can be done in saddle, hunting whip, hunting horn or heart-shaped horse designs.

You don’t need to have or love horses to wear equine jewelry, though you may come to appreciate their beauty and grace over time. With so many beautiful designs and types of equine jewelry available you are bound to be able to find a piece you will love. Equine jewelry is great way to spice up your wardrobe and make great gift ideas for friends and family with an interest and love of horses. They are elegant and beautiful and won’t go out of fashion.